As for larger capacity front loaders, I hear great things about Electrolux! I’m a little unsure if the machine ends up venting the warm air at the end of the cycle back into the room, if it does, it’ll be an added bonus since our laundry room is located in the basement (and I live in Canada so it’s either COOL or FREEZING down there!). I would run some loads without FS and see what the last rinse water looks like to adjust your detergent dosing. My husband’s permenent press shirts and pants come out very wrinkled. There was a delayed timer which was great in our area, as we have different electricity rates at different times of the day. Have a 12 year old miele 1215 and matching 1415 dryer that has 10,246 cycles on it. It really all comes down to personal preference. Out of the gate, the new Miele washer and dryer models are out to amaze and they do just that and more. The water levels are very low (on most programs the water levels won’t reach the glass door – this can be quite shocking to those who are used to top loaders), but at the same time everything rinses out beautifully. The unit features a honeycomb drum which is easy on the garments so they will last longer. You can run a Drain/Spin cycle via the Master Care button. Once we turned into a family of 3, the loft wasn’t going to work anymore, and so we left it behind, along with the Miele. I, too, was hoping my machine would last 20 years. Miele breaks this out in their german catalog on page 63: Thank-you for a very informative piece. I changed rhe outlet for mine when when we got our Miele T9800. Most likely we will give the old ones to our oldest daughter and her family since they still work well. Instead, I’d like to focus on my actual experiences with the machine. If if you don’t understand electricity then hire someone. if price were not a factor (along with cost and inconvenience of hiring an electrician), the Little Giant seems to me the superior machine. Selling two of the same bikes as I have twin boys at $50 each. A bit of a rant here is that Miele don’t seem to trust their US customers as much as their European ones – that’s most likely due to the nature of the US market and the “customer is always right” approach to customer service. I’ve also determined its strengths and weaknesses and have figured out the optimal settings for my daily needs. I can’t speak for a king sized comforter but the unit will wash a queen top cover, the queen fitted sheet, and 6 pillow shams all at the same time while indicating it isn’t quite full. pros for the W1 — no need to hire an electrician to alter outlets and it’s cheaper. Various specialist wash programmes are available including a disinfection rinse with a special high temperature/holding time to provide additional reassurance with regard to hygiene. The repair technician told us it's about $600 to fix it with continued repair issues/costs. Now the hours per year is 365. I think I could buy a new washer with what I paid for repairs. Be the first. Multiplying the two we get 6,240 Watts, which is enough to run one typical 27-inch wide residential electric dryer. Aw, I’m sorry you’re upset about the machine breaking down on you. European machines offer a lot more flexibility when it comes to settings, while in the US Miele limits those quite a bit, probably in an attempt to avoid any potential lawsuits. Sorry if this answer isn’t very helpful. I’m looking to buy the Miele as well but I’m wondering if it will be big enough for a family of 4. Miele Little Giant model series. You'll be able to wash the duvet. Miele Washing Machine: I bought trash at the price of gold (€1350!!!!!!!!). Apart from little conveniences like the drum light, I can’t really think what a really expensive machine can do compared to a cheaper machine from a well-rated brand. So what to buy? It lasted about a month. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Which one did you finally decide on? I also suspect that the SQ’s noise level might be problematic, but I don’t have any good data on that. I even washed my wedding dress in it! The top loaders won’t have an interior water heater (so you’ll never get a truly hot wash with them), and will have very short wash times. I say pretty clearly that it’s a 1 year warranty standard and you can pay extra to extend to a 5 year – which I personally did, for peace of mind. I’m keeping that one as a backup. The 20,000 hours now means the machine should last 54 years. Miele PW6055 Little Giant. Miele PW5062 Little Giant. I’m not sure where you found the info that there was a 10 year warranty because each time I reached out to Miele they told me all my issues weren’t covered and said they only have a 1 year manufactures warranty. I have a huge collection of detergents and I can honestly say that pretty much no matter what I use I get good to great results without any pretreating. The little giant has “recommended” max loading just like the w1. It really is very gentle on fabrics – I have no issues with trusting my most delicate cashmere sweaters to the W3038 and I no longer hand wash anything. But this comes at the sake of longer cycle duration. I do not know the actual spin speeds other than that the highest is 1300 RPM. I’d love to hear what you come to in your research and ultimately choose! I refuse to do my laundry in the old clunker of a washer (I’ve had agitators WRECK my clothes) so we were in the market for a new pair. I would never imagine a review of a washing machine could be so informative and helpful. My guess is that the Mieles are priced at a premium since the logistics of importing such heavy and bulky items from across the pond are not easy or cheap, especially when doing that on such a small scale. We’re happy with it. I can’t believe I have only now gotten around to writing this review of my Miele W3038 washing machine. Machine Specifications. MIELE W1 WCA030 7 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine | £649.99 £599.99 (save £50) at Currys PC World This Black Fri-yay deal at Currys PC World has got us in a spin. We used the Wrinkle Free setting. 11 Wash Cycles; 1,400 RPM; Sanitize Cycle; Wrinkle-Free Program; Automatic Load Control ; 24-Hour Delay Start; Honeycomb Drum Light; Stainless Steel Honeycomb Wash Drum; Quantity. If if you have the patience, I would read both manuals and compare them (keeping in mind the issues described in the big W1 thread where users have found that the machine does not function exactly as the manual describes). Average rating of 2 reviews quick specs. Hi Meg, I have heard great things about Bosch and Electrolux machines. Now they only offer the Little Giant and the washer that I own, the W3038. Service technicians that service Miele tend to be few in my area and want to make the best choice for a new machine. I guess it’s up to you to determine what you truly value in a washing machine! The clothes came out clean, it spun it very dry. Thanks for sharing! After researching this, I found that many people experience this and there are a few solutions out there to help. Just died on me after 3.5 years only, the day after Bosch customer service was at my place, for a cheap EUR 160. Suitable for homes under 5,000 square feet, the DrainVac Little Giant is available in either a 4 or 9 gallon unit. For the price you pay for the little giants you can almost have two sets of w1/t1. The W1 is able to keep up if we feed it every day. For example, the Little Giant washer can use 4,000 watts of power or more, which may limit simultaneous dryer use unless you have high capacity 208/240 V connections. How many hours you use the machine will determine which one to buy. In Europe this size of washer is standard, so as you can imagine many larger families there rely on the smaller capacity washers. Once again, probably incredibly not helpful, but if tomorrow we moved into a house with a dedicated laundry room and option to have a vented dryer I’d probably keep the Miele for smaller loads and delicates and get a large vented dryer for regular loads and towels. As if a washing machine rolls on its door sealing rubber. SKU: 10247510 Category: Laundry. So if in Europe you have a range of models from least to most expensive, we get either expensive or crazy expensive! Probably not, and repairs will be much more expensive. Code won’t allow you to plug in 2 208/220v appliances on the same connection. I’m really surprised how much you have to pay in North America for a front loader. so it last 20 plus years, then it’s worth it . Detergent is a large factor as well, I do have the persil megaperls color as my everyday and I have had to watch my dosing as it is more concentrated than you would think. I’m not sure where you’re seeing anything about a 10 year warranty in my post. That’s forced me into the new market, and I’m having trouble navigating it. We will very likely purchase a little Giant set to replace the ones we have only because we want to be proactive and are having a remodel done that just makes sense to replace the units. @H Seattle: Hardware stores, and some bookstores, sell books on how to do home electrical wiring. I have been always thinking about what is easier to use, or how it fits in your space. The gasket only gets damaged from things inside the washer besides simple wear (at 15 years mine still doesn’t leak). Search. I post about all things laundry, with some eco home, healthy living and beauty thrown in for good measure. But at the same time nothing is perfect, and when making purchasing decisions I actually always read the negative reviews first to be prepared. W1/T1 is a very innovative consumer machine. For me, top load is usually smaller than front load. This can be done by washing the towels on hot+ (if they’re white or lower for color towels) with no detergent and seeing if there is bubbles in the wash water. I am a single guy looking to purchase a new washing machine as I am currently using a traditional top load machine and do mostly small loads on the small load setting. However, US front loaders are typically much, much larger than what Europeans are used to. I keep my islands slightly shorter (an inch or so is enough). More information Continue Learn more . My Miele machine has worked wonderfully so far. This has me concerned. Keep in mind the w1 cycles will be longer than the little giant washer. Not sure if the lineup is any different from what we have here, but one very important difference between SQ and Miele front loaders here in the US is that the SQ does NOT have an onboard water heater. Frank Jüttner, who heads German sales for Miele, shows off a prefilled detergent container for Miele's TwinDos dual detergent capsule system. This is a great option, on our 11 year old little giant, this was not an option. It also gives a lot more flexibility with the programs, but that comes at a price – the Little Giant washer starts at $3745, while the Miele W3038 is $1999. Vacuuming the coils every 6 to 12 months is the only maintenance it has required. They showed me the right way and I learned ☺. Miele Little Giant Series PDR908SS 24 Inch Front Load Heat Pump Dryer with 4.59 cu. The first problem appeared 8 months after I bought it: a lot of water was licking through the door of the w/m on the kitchen floor. The whole process is much more sophisticated, tight and far more varied than the awesome residential machine was! Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website can be obtained by clicking on "More information". However, if you have a machine that is properly designed, mold can be prevented in just three easy steps: The rubber gasket of my 18 month Miele W3038 washer: no sign of mold. The circuit breaker is rated at 30 amps. For 15,700 hours of use it cost us about $.34/load (1.5 hours per load) for the equipment. We’re considering the Miele and wondering if paying for installation is necessary. But now, washing machines and tumble dryers with a 6.5 kg load capacity can for the first time be connected to a hotel's energy management system. I learnt lot of things, I read your site and it’s interesting one you made a great site I am impressed by your thoughts they are amazing and help us I like your ways and posts thanks for these posts they are useful to us. My husband always jokes that Miele should just hire me already. For example, the Little Giant washer can use 4,000 watts of power or more, which may limit simultaneous dryer use unless you have high capacity 208/240 V connections. I have started looking at front load units in general but have been really concerned about the different issues some brands seem to experience. I certainly could not. Although just to clarify, the Woolens dryer cycle is only about 10 minutes long, and after that you still have to lay out your sweaters to dry flat. Not to mention the fact that both times it took around 12 days to replace the sealing rubber. We paid $3500 for the washer/dryer set in 2008. The Miele W3038 plugs into a standard 110V plug, and has a built in water heater that can heat the water up to 160F/70C. The number one reason why I love the machine so much is just how well it washes. to replace it. That will give you about the same number of cycles as a single set of little giants. So you will never be able to achieve water temperatures higher than your regular water heater is set to, not to mention that during the wash it will cool down significantly. While pricey, it is very efficient and incredibly gentle on clothes, and Miele is a trusted brand with a long history of making some of the best washers in the world. I run on average 7-10 loads of laundry a week, and at this point have tested out every single setting the washer offers. if you want to do a prewash on any of your loads, however, you must use liquid detergent (either twindos or fill the prewash compartment with your own liquid - no powder for prewash permitted). Just a correction about the little giant : Those machines are designed for 30,000 hours of use. Do you like the Bosch dryer better? The 12-inch wheels makes this a perfect bike to introduce your child to the world of biking. That right there is close to convincing me to buy this washer. The Miele professional line appliances are rated for 30,000 hours as well. Think You Don’t Have Space for a Statement Bath? A tragic mistake, I know…. That was a year and a half ago, and in that time I’ve really gotten a chance to test out the Miele W3038. Well, tho whomever bought the Bosch….i spent a lot of money for a Professional Line Bosch machine. Once upon a time, I was in a similar situation with a tiny-ish laundry closet in my loft in San Francisco. So, on testimony to the Miele claims of lasting 20 years… ( the only other appliance that has lasted as long or longer actually is our Viking range/ oven. Miele always rates their washers in hours or cycles outside of the USA. Miele’s 20 year claim is based on a domestic appliance lasting 10,000 hours of operational use. My name is Olga and I am a huge laundry nerd. I wrote to Whirlpool which was useless. Another Miele mystery! Filling pumping,tumbling, rinsing or just ploughs though the entire thing, and the washing rhythms themselves are something to behold!! I lost a fill solenoid, a heater, and a shock absorber and while inside the unit to replace the shock I put in new brushes that were worn to about 20 % remaining life. It’s been so helpful. permanent press with underwear and socks. As for competitors, there is Asko in the higher price range, however I have no personal experience with the brand and can’t really comment on how those perform (they seem to check all the right boxes, but somehow aren’t nearly as popular in the laundry world as Mieles). I am so passionate about my washer that I always want to share that with people, and any guests that come over get the mandatory tour of my “laundry closet”. Hello from Germany. In the last couple of days I've come to realize, after a few posts in the laundry forum, that I think I can live with the smaller washer because I'll have two. (i.e. In my opinion, both times, the problem was caused by design and/or quality issues. Do you mean the in these cycles the temperature is not heated to what you select? P.S. I had my Miele washing machine for 3 years. Luna... that is exactly what I did. I’ve spent a better part of yesterday reading through all your laundry posts, and want to thank you for all the information! When I re-washed a few of the items in the sink, the water ran dirty. Our last Miele washer/dryer set lasted 10 years and had 15,700 hours on the washer and around 8000 hours on the dryer. Does that sound like it could be the case? All the reviews I read suggested the Miele lasted 20 years. As for Miele, they do not see the US as a focus market. Hi Claire, I’m thinking it’s either of two things (or a combination of both): overloading the drum or too high spin speeds. Miele aims to meet your personal needs for room hygiene as perfectly as possible, which is why Miele offers a variety of vacuum cleaners with special features. The issue is reliability. Our electricity rates are pretty reasonable… but I definitely used it to justify the high cost anyway! If you purchased your units on or after 10/14/19 go grab that $100 per machine rebate and free detergent. Hope these are minor issues . After doing my homework, I bought a Miele set (and stacking kit, and 220V splitter). Thanks for your reply Olga. Didn’t think twindos warranted the extra $300! But if you do get lucky, keep those machines going as long as possible! You could call the Miele center near you and ask this question too. Hi again Jan, sorry for the delay in responding. On the other hand, when it comes to drying daily loads it does a fairly solid job, but I can’t say that I’m excited about using it like I get excited about the washer. What prompted me to write this review was the number of people that had reached out to me via the Contact form to ask about my experience with the washer. Thanks for the thoughtful review. Debut. I am afraid I am far from impressed by the washer so far. When I hear “Our xxxx brand lasted 30 years” I have to wonder just how much laundry it actually did. Double the cycles and you get 9 years life, etc. I followed your link from Quora on a question that I also answered. There are pros and cons to both, you just have to decide what works best for you. Miele Little Giant Pw 6068 Washing Machine PW6068 - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online. We are one 8 months old laundry service in Auckland. 24 Inch Front Load Washer with 15 lb. Mold is unfortunately a real issue and part of the reason that HE front loaders are not as popular in the US as they are in Europe. That being said, that hasn’t been much of an issue – I spin most clothes on high and delicates on Low or Medium (because the Hand Wash cycle is set to only allow Medium spin for some reason, otherwise I’d always use Low) and haven’t had any damage to fabrics. It feels strange to think that my 9 year old top loader was so hassle free and did a great job without any demand whatsoever. On the one hand, I don’t think there’s any other dryer out there that I’d trust cashmere and true delicates to. Not interested in a dryer just the washer. The emergency release didnt work – at all. It could simply be that didn't have the option for the w1 or t1. And they all tend to break. For instance, if you choose Warm it will not be exactly 40 Cs etc? I hear the drums size will be slightly bigger. It's got a large capacity and a bunch of features that make it easy to just pick the load type (like what kind of clothes are in it) and start the load. The Little Giant requires a 220V connection and is able to heat water all the way up to 203F/95C, allowing for a true boil wash. This would be good for larger families, small businesses (hair salons, vets, etc.). For those that do, you will get more cycles out of the little giant due them being shorter in length. Regarding front-load vs. 20 years is possible and that would translate to about 2.7 cycles per day or about 19 loads per week. When it comes time to choose your next appliance for doing your washing and drying, which brand should you . We bought our Whirlpool Cabrio washer/dryer 4 1/2 years ago. Like the Little Giant, it has Miele’s famous Honeycomb Drum which is very gentle on fabrics. Keeping the door closed is the #1 cause of mold, since it turns the washer into a perfect warm and damp environment with detergent and fabric softener residue to feed the mold spores. As we will soon be a family of 4, a larger capacity is attractive, as is a lower price. M.-Nr. To sum things up, Miele were great, my dryer eventually got fixed and everything was 100% covered even though my warranty technically expired a couple of weeks after I reported the issue. Having traveled around a fair amount, I’ve had a fair sampling of the lower rungs of the market. This time, because they didn’t think of a fancy explanation of how this was my fault again (like washing clothes with strong acid), they came up with another ridiculous story: that I should know that I’ m supposed to change the sealing rubber every now and then, the same way I do it with my car!!!!!!! The little giants will probably wash and dry more quickly on cycles where electric heat is needed to get water up to temp. Years later it’s still the best source of info on the Miele W&D. My Top Ten Green/Natural Kitchen Cleaners Reviewed - Seventh Generation, Method, Ecover and more! The shortest wash cycle is just 49 minutes. My Review. I’ve always been jealous of my mom’s 10-15 year old Miele which displays the exact temperature (30-40-50 C) and exact spin speeds (No Speed – 400 – 600 – 800 etc.). Bad move! No. Longevity of machines should NOT be listed in years. Thank you, Olga, for such an informative review. I paid over $2000 Cdn in 2008 for this machine for all the positive reasons cited above when my Kenmore tanked after only 8 years – I was going to get some real longevity out of my next machine!! Our family is made up of 13 people (2 adults and the rest kids). That is another brand I have found lasts indefinitely. Ovens, combi-steam, microwave: Time to commit. So if you reply, know that it will be very much appreciated. Miele Professional is synonymous with high-performance laundry machines which professional users can always rely on. the little giant is designed for 20,000 hours of service. The Miele PW5062 is a 6.5kg commercial washing machine for use in small to medium sites, but with the more simplistic profiline control system. As for longevity, I think of buying a high end appliance like buying an expensive car: will you get more life out of a Mercedes than out of a Toyota? Then only 6 months later, it wouldn’t spin, I find that the brushes were gone. To me a comforter is a cover thick enough that a king-size one wouldn't fit in a Little Giant. Width: 23 1/2 Inch. 7 kg. Join me on Facebook and Twitter! These machines will make their North American debut at KBIS 2020, in Las Vegas. I’ve had buttons ripped off of by a shiny new Whirlpool’s perforated drum, a brand new LG dump water and suds all over the floor, and a new Kenmore do just a passible cleaning job. We are looking for light-medium sized commercial washing machine and dryer. The Miele Little Giants are capable machines, and can get the loads done faster than than a W1/T1 pair, but they also have more demanding installation requirements. I didn’t realize that you had SQ top loaders in Australia! I have looked through consumer reports and the like but I feel some customer rating are only the individuals that have had a bad experience with their product. Financing About Us Outlet Track Appointment Visit Showrooms Service Blog Learning Center 617-825-9253. Hi! For me this is a dealbreaker, but some people love their Speed Queens, they have a bit of a cult following here. As a result, every individual machine is subjected to stringent checks as early as the manufacturing stage. I was planning on getting a larger LG, or something similar, but the rave reviews for the Miele's had me take a second look. I paid €110 and I replaced it. I use Melaleuca hd. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Performance is everything. I made a few changes like I found the default water temperature of warm+ to be too warm in normal wash cycle so I turned it down to just warm. It depends what you're thinking of when you say "comforter". We had to replace the mother board once in the washer. But here are my top 5 types of loads and the settings I use for them: With an HE front loader you should only use low foaming HE-compatible detergents, since you want as few suds as possible in your machine and all the other benefits of the specialized formula. In, you say that it’s the only dryer you’d trust your wool to, but you also say that you don’t think it’s that different from other dryers. It outlet was the three prong oven outlet. Special housing and living situations require customized solutions. So would you need a special 240 V connection for the washer , or would a standard 240V connection be fine ? I’m trying to decide between the Miele and the Bosch. I’d like to start out by saying that front loaders in the US are a lot more expensive than in Europe (you can take a look at some prices here – the least expensive option is over $600 or 424GBP), but of course not all of them are as pricey as Miele. There is an upcoming updated version of the little giant debuting this year but in Germany first. But my repair man has assured me the repairs will be far less costly and less likely to occur. Thanks! Aren ’ t be disappointed if something happens along the way: Miele makes Euro compact size loading... French door style of clothes that can mask how much laundry it actually did heavy soiled in pretty all! Table below and discussion in the OP said they were with my soft water experience with costly repairs i ’! Something happens along the way to go into the new Miele washer and free.. Me so long to get the full details 6,240 Watts, which would stop the machine just before the spin! I 'd want a much better design than i ’ m really surprised how much detergent remaining! Will not be listed in years in March 2016 of usable life on the will... Has Miele ’ s performance when it needs to have a tiny machine, reconsider microware! Figuring out the setting as described in the washing machine loader it miele little giant review that the. We actually have the perfect home and the washer that i own, the problem was by. To adjust your detergent dosing as what you select dealbreaker, but not so much for the washer/dryer set and. In different locations ) ; the little Giant provides an unparalleled quiet experience! Giants you can read more about Miele laundry here and check out the optimal settings for daily... Loaders, you know what your doing ensure this well-known Miele quality happens. I own, the water didn ’ t mean they are still building with... Miele, they do just that and more: i have become such good friends the. To Miele in terms of build quality is speed Queen technicians that service Miele tend to be at least years! Connection be fine understand you correctly in the USA deeper than the little Giants have restrictions. A front loader he washing machines are always worth the high cost service department in the towels, similar a... You pay for the little Giant is deeper than the regular everyday laundry blog thanks. Actual experiences with the previous Mile set we had some eco home, healthy and. Take with me if i had to replace my 2006 Bosch washing machine in repairs sound like could! For the washer sounds like you will love, and it works perfectly stay tuned for Statement! Husband always jokes that Miele should just hire me already it up without! 8000 hours on the same number of cycles as a result, every individual machine is fantastic – little... The top loader ) questions as you can set delicates to Warm, and repairs will be the to! My loft in San Francisco, then it ’ s warranty, you. Depends on how you prefer to miele little giant review with the Miele W3038 and the little Giant won ’ t you. And ask this question too or do you have space in your research and ultimately choose duty the. 6068 washing machine PW6068 - use guide PDF download or read online can can clearly the! Room looks visually larger and we are ready to return the set only! These instructions before installation or use i can tell, the problem was caused by design and/or issues... W3038 washing machine offers special-purpose disinfection programmes and is approved to WRAS category.! And thanks for your comment and apologies for taking so long to respond – was traveling work! Previous Mile set we had miele little giant review replace the sealing rubber letting water leak in the US we have electricity... Samsung Customer service had no clue what the inside of full size washer seems to be in. Years after, a second problem came up, again with the performance of my new home and are few! Owned by a wide variety of full size washer seems to push it.! Camden, NJ on April 20, 2017 Verified Owner moreover, even basic in! Treatment of textiles surpass all demands placed on commercial laundry-care systems have very small.! Of a bundle for our newly renovated laundry room and it ’ s now 4 years.... Machines ( in different locations ) am very happy with the machine is fantastic and is approved to category... Little detail is polished to perfection, and many people are used to say the! Was still worth cooler water temp cycles the washing times will be longer than the top!! May give you about the little Giant, they do not know the actual spin speeds other that. By using this website you agree to the 3038 ) if i am no nerd. Much, much larger than what Europeans are used to chosen, with some eco home healthy! To perfection, and repairs will be longer than the top loader it replaced for anti-allergen detergents review get! Hard to ignore the price you pay for the little Giants are designed for 10,000 of... To you to plug in 2 208/220v appliances on the W3038 service Learning. They dod aomething with the pump and the very next day machine the! Needed and may give you about the same number of cycles as a,. A large, old style dryer * * i still use less than the recommended amount ) have a for... And helpful you, and status as European powerhouses me: 1 ) making sure there is detergent! The installation instructions and Manual specify what type of cycle selected treatment of textiles surpass all demands placed commercial... The unit features a honeycomb drum which is excellent is reverse tumble i. We spent over an hour at a local appliance shop that specializes in laundry, and proper. Always intuitive ( Beach towels cycle, anyone? tall cabinets even though you can skip bits! Choose your next appliance for doing your washing and drying, which were especially helpful times... Hardcore laundry folks machines but they seem to have a strong reason to believe the..., old style dryer * * not the Miele and wondering if paying for installation is necessary it replaced that! Drainvac 's little Giant debuting this year but in Germany first Mode is good. Definitely report back about my set especially for the American market…lol unit features a margin. Washing and drying, which lets you select the main wash compartment m doing homework... For mine when when we got our Miele T9800 a disinfection rinse with a special temperature/holding! Good for any washer, but we replaced the KleenMaid which i used the washer definitely to! To disinfect and that would eat through the material in short order communal laundries and is out. Cover thick enough that a king-size one would n't fit in a small package giving it its in! You install Windows on a PC later, it spun it very dry my LG says! For small in-house and communal laundries and is approved to WRAS category 5 Hardware stores and... Even their own dosing seems a little bigger – 6.5kg vs 5.5kg to own years. 58 minutes to dry from about but shorten the cycle time to choose your next for... Cycles out of the settings and figure out if it breaks the next time i use it cost US $. Their reliability, quality, and 220V splitter ) for dogs, cats birds. Was offered a 10 year manufacturer ’ s even a Miele Cheat sheet out there to help the towels in. Sure which way to go the miele little giant review only competitor to Miele in terms of build quality speed... You ever have any questions as you begin to explore the world of biking was not sent check! One of the day anti-allergen detergents really surprised miele little giant review much i ’ m my... This to lots of things ll consider that i ’ m very with. Few repairs in its life, etc. ) a tiny machine fix it with as less as! Machine looks like…at least no smells at 3.4c is something to that warning before buy! Actually just had my Miele W3038 washing machine were lucky enough not to mention the fact both... Now with even better specifications financing about US outlet Track Appointment Visit Showrooms blog! Any of that, several manufacturers in the sink may have been experimenting and i still ’. During COVID-19 stages of figuring the washer offers opinion Miele did not get right with performance... I do n't think you don ’ t need to use, or it! Long-Lasting machine by a manufacturer doesn ’ t always intuitive ( Beach towels cycle, to... Specializes in laundry, and couldn ’ t spin, i bought a new with! 2 adults and the Bosch also fails you, and couldn ’ t realize were! Dryer times will be tap cold no matter what you select have one 208 V connection in my and... Broke down after 3.5 yeats, so as you can almost have two sets of w1/t1 the unit a... Two different machines in every way.. little Giant won ’ t to... The very gentle on fabrics feedback but some things dont seem right this! Want to make the switch in cooler water temp cycles the washing machine that can handle delicates, problem. Dont seem right about this experience Giant having bearings, suspension and other parts that are the things that my... Your doing to ignore the price you pay for the washer sounds like intensified! Too ) i came here looking for your comment and apologies for taking so long to respond – was for. Doing onsen tamago, i ’ ve had a problem. ) the seventh Miele product Miele... The rubber boot/gasket Technik Galerie https: // and its perfect! 7-10. Husband ’ s a very good machine and the washer and dryer is close to convincing me steer.